Copying Bible Lesson

What Do You Think She Should Do?

Jeanie is pretty frustrated this Sunday morning. Every night she reads a little bit of her Bible class lesson and scriptures. On Saturday she fills out the questions in her class book so she will be ready for class and be able to discuss the lesson and ask questions that came up in her home study.

Leslie is in Jeanie’s class. Every Sunday Leslie comes in and asks to see Jeanie’s book. She then copies Jeanie’s answers into her book. Sometimes, when she is late, she will ask for Jeanie’s book to read the answer. One time, 5 people read answers from her book in class.

What do you think Jeanie should do?

“Is That All?”

Billy is used to getting the things that he wants. On his birthday parties and at Christmas his parents would buy him lots of presents. The only problem was that he never seemed happy with all the things that he received. No matter how many presents they bought, he would always ask “Is that all?” or would whine because he did not get another present that he wanted. He did not seem thankful for what he had.

Why do you think he acts like this?

How would you suggest helping him appreciate the things without always wanting more?

You Can Tell Others About Jesus!

Even young people can tell others about Jesus. When people ask you to do or say something wrong tell them no and that Jesus has taught you how to act. Then tell them about Jesus and how He wants what is best for us and wants us to go to heaven. Some people do not have parents who take them to church or tell them about Jesus so be sure to teach them with a kind heart. Never act like you are better than them because your parents have taught you well. Be thankful for good parents.

You can be a good example to others with proper manners, kindness, and being more concerned about others than getting what you want. This is the way Jesus lived and so should we.

Another way to tell people about Jesus is to invite them to Bible classes, church services, and gospel meetings. I knew of some adults that attended because a child in their neighborhood or school invited them!

Cleaning The Church Building

Sometimes young people think that there are few things they can do to in service to God but they are wrong. Here is just one idea.

After services, someone has the job to clean the church building. Some churches pay a person, others are cleaned by volunteers. It is a hard job to clean such a big place.

You can help by making sure you keep your seat clean. After worship, clean up candy wrappers, crayons, and other pieces of paper from your seat. Make sure to take your class book and any papers from class home with you. Put your song book back in the rack with the page marker inside of the book.

Also, if you see any other trash around the building or in the parking lot, pick it up and put it in the trash. This will help the people who have to clean the building before the next service.

It is great to have a church building to meet in and we should do our best to take care of it.

What Can Young People Do To Grow Spiritually?

Do Your Bible Lesson

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure your Bible class lesson is done.

You might wonder who cares if your lesson is done or not. Well, your teacher cares! Students who have done their lessons tend to have better comments and questions than those who did nothing to prepare for the class. You are able to learn more about the Bible story and add to the knowledge you gained from your home study.

When you do your lesson its shows that you care about God’s word and learning how to please Him.  God’s word is able to help us with so many things in life. However, if you do not know  the Bible, it cannot help you at all.

Be sure to prepare your lesson at least a day before class so you can have time to think about what you studied.  Maybe you can study it with your parents.

Nightly Devotional

In Psalm 63:6, David said that he thought about God when he went to sleep.  We should begin and end each day thinking about God.

A good way to think about God before going to bed is to meet as a family and study the Bible.  The lesson does not have to be long, five or ten minutes is usually good. Spend time discussing a story or passage from the Bible.  Study the life of Jesus or study through the whole Bible.

Our family used to study one story the whole week.  At the end of the week, the older children could tell the story. You might want to sing a song like the “Books of the Bible” or the Apostles. Conclude this special period with prayers to God.  In our family each of the children says their prayers out loud.

This is a special way to close the day as a family.  Ask your family to study with you before bedtime.