Class Book: Sing With Understanding

I wrote this class book to explore the Biblical principles behind the songs we sing. I love learning the stories behind the spiritual songs we sing in books such as*:

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For some information on enriching your public singing in worship I’d suggest visiting the  Get Them Singing website.

This class book focuses on the major Bible themes of our songs allowing for discussion of both the Bible teaching and reading the words of popular hymns to explore the meaning described in poetic terms. I list suggested familiar hymns for each lesson and some questions reference particular hymns.

Sing With Understanding CoverIt is a 13 lesson series which fits well into most Bible class schedules. There is plenty material to discuss the topics in two class periods per week. I have often taught the Biblical principles in the Sunday class and explored the words of selected hymns in a mid-week Bible class. It would also be suitable for a small group study.

The book contains only questions which will require the teacher to develop the material to suit the class. I have taught it in adult and high school classes.

You may freely copy this book for your classes. It is 16 pages so it will not cost much to print. You may want to print the cover page separately then print pages 2-16 duplex to save paper.

Download Sing with Understanding.

Lesson Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Eternal God Our Creator
  3. God Our Protector
  4. God Our Shepherd and Guide
  5. Resurrection and Judgment
  6. Crucifixion
  7. Grace and Salvation
  8. Battle Songs and Victory
  9. Kingdom of God
  10. Evangelism
  11. Brotherly Love and Unity
  12. Christian Living
  13. Heaven

Godly Youth Activity Book

Parents and teachers have enjoyed the activities available on the Activities pages of the Godly Youth site. I have removed those pages and have put all the crossword, word search and cryptogram puzzles in one document.

As I state clearly on the pages, if you are using this for non-profit use: Bible class, personal Bible study, home school, or similar activities you may copy the puzzles freely and in any quantities you want. If you want to put the activity in a church bulletin, feel free to do that as well.

My only restriction is that I don’t want it sold as part of a product, package, or book without my permission.

The Godly Youth Activity Book, in Adobe Acrobat format, is available for download here. (File size: 1.51 MB)GY Activity Book Cover

Identify the Bible Character Using the Clues

Who Am I?

  1. I was a fisherman before Jesus called me to be an apostle.
  2. Though my hometown was Bethsaida, I was in Capernaum when Jesus called me.
  3. I was a disciple of John the Baptist.
  4. When I heard Jesus, I went to my brother Peter and told him that I had met the Christ and urged Peter to meet Jesus.

(Do you know who I am? See John 1:41)


  1. I was a leader of God’s people.
  2. Joshua was my assistant and then led the Jews after I died on Mt. Nebo.
  3. I was raised in Pharaoh’s house though I later chose to suffer with my own people, the Jews, instead of living as an Egyptian.
  4. God appeared to me in a bush on fire but was not burned up.

(Do you know who I am? See Exodus 3:4)


  1. I wrote five books of the New Testament.
  2. My father’s name was Zebedee.
  3. My brother and I were apostles whom Jesus nicknamed “Sons of Thunder.
  4. I am sometimes known as “the apostle whom Jesus loved.”

(Do you know who I am? See Revelation 1:1)


  1. I had a stick that turned into a snake then back into a stick.
  2. One time the stick budded like a tree. It was put into the Ark of the Covenant.
  3. My brother did powerful signs before King Pharaoh of Egypt; I spoke the words of God to him.
  4. I had a sister named Miriam. She and I wanted to lead Israel like Moses but it made God angry. We then obeyed God.

(Do you know who I am? See Exodus 7:2.)

  1. I was a fisherman when Jesus called me to be an apostle.
  2. My brother, Andrew, told me about Jesus.
  3. I walked on the water with Jesus.
  4. I denied Jesus three times before He was crucified.

(Do you know who I am? See Acts 2:38.)

  1. Stephen and I, along with five other men were appointed to take care of some Christian widows who were not being fed.
  2. I went on to preach in a place called Samaria and many people followed Jesus.
  3. I also baptized the treasurer of Ethiopia as he traveled home from Jerusalem.
  4. I baptized a sorcerer, named Simon, who gave up his fake magic when he saw the true wonders of God.

(Do you know who I am? See Acts 8:5)


Wanna Drink?

Imagine that you are playing with some friends in your neighborhood, and someone your age comes up with a bottle of beer.  He says, “I took it from my dad.  He won’t know it is missing.  Let’s go drink this beer.”

  • What would you say?
  • What would you do?
  • What if you said no and they started calling you names?

Talk with your parents about your answer. Parents, why not do a role play to teach them how to react?

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