Wanna Drink?

Imagine that you are playing with some friends in your neighborhood, and someone your age comes up with a bottle of beer.  He says, “I took it from my dad.  He won’t know it is missing.  Let’s go drink this beer.”

  • What would you say?
  • What would you do?
  • What if you said no and they started calling you names?

Talk with your parents about your answer. Parents, why not do a role play to teach them how to react?

True Friend?

Billy was well liked by many of the boys and girls in his class. When his birthday came around, his mother said that he could have a party and invite his friends.

Of course, he invited many of his friends from school and church. However, there was one friend that he didn’t know if he should invite. Joe, a good friend of his from church, was a little different from some of the other kids. Billy always liked Joe and he did not like the way some of his friends made fun of Joe and called him names.

Though Billy wanted Joe to come to his party, he knew his friends would make fun of him. If Billy stood up for Joe, they might  make fun of him too. What do you think he should do?

What Do You Think He Should Do?

Taking Responsibility

“Oh, no! I forgot to do my math homework last night,” cried Jerry to himself. as the teacher collected the homework. He started to get nervous as she approached his desk..

“Maybe I can tell her that my parents were sick or that something terrible happened at our house so that I could not do my homework,” he thought, though he knew it was not true. He knew that some told lies to explain why they did not have their homework and the teacher let them turn the work in late. But he also knew that it was wrong to lie. His parents said that it is best to accept responsibility for your actions. What should he do and why?

Should You Watch?

You are invited to a sleep-over with some friends. After the friend’s parents go to sleep, one of the friends takes out a popular movie on video to watch.

The movie has lots of men and women dressed in immodest clothes and are sometimes shown without clothes. The movie characters use bad language and are doing things you know your parents and God do not approve of. Your friends are enjoying the movie but you know it is a bad movie.

What should you do?


Joe’s parents told him the importance of keeping a secret. They said that if a person could not be trusted, he would soon have no friends. This morning at school, Joe’s friend, Levon, said that he was going to skip his last class at school and meet some boys behind the school and try smoking marijuana.

Levon is doing something wrong and illegal. It may develop into a dangerous habit. What should Joe do?

The teacher of Levon’s skipped class asks if anyone knows where Levon and a few of the boys are. What do you think Joe should do?

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