What Can Young People Do For Others?

Do you ever say to yourself, “I’m so young I can’t do anything in service to God?” Many of us felt that way when we were young yet there is much that you can do even at a young age. You can use your imagination to find ways to use your time and abilities to do things that encourage others and help the work of God. I’ve included some of my ideas on these pages. What ideas do you have?

Writing Letters: You can write a letter to encourage a preacher in his work. Some preachers teach in foreign countries far away from their families and friends. A letter from you might make them feel closer to home. Ask them about the place where they are preaching and the work they are doing. You may learn much about God’s work in a different place. They may even have a child around your age whom you can start writing. Then you each will have made a new friend!

You can also write to those who are sick or shut in. Your parents will have the addresses of these members. You can make your own card, handmade ones are very special, with drawings to brighten the person’s day. A person who has to stay home most of the time (shut in) would love to get a letter or a drawing from a young person in the church. It will help them know that they are not forgotten.

Helping the Sick: 

You can make a card or a special present for a sick person.  When a person is sick they need someone to brighten up their day.  You could make a card with a picture of a pretty day and a “Get Well Soon” message.  If you know they like fishing or gardening, maybe you could draw a picture of them fishing or gardening.

Although you can mail the card, why not ask your parents to drive you so you can deliver it personally.  Maybe you and your parents could make some food to carry with the card.  Sick people often do not have the energy to make a good meal but, if they are sick, they need to have good food.  Also, your visit will cheer them up.

Some people are sick for a long time and can’t come to church very much.  They especially need your cards and visits.  They do not want to be forgotten by God’s people.  Don’t worry about buying anything.  A home made card or a craft is a great gift.

Do You Have Your Lesson?

If you attend Bible classes regularly, do you always have your lesson prepared? If you are a parent, do you know if your children have their Bible lessons? Do they try to get the lesson on the way to Bible class?

When we realize that God’s word contains “all things that pertain to life and godliness,” we realize how important it is to study daily and meditate on our Bible lessons, and complete the homework assignments, so we can learn more effectively when we go to class.

Parents especially must be mindful of the importance of their children preparing for Bible classes. My friend, Phil Robertson, had an excellent point in this regard (http://www.hueytownchurchofchrist.org/?year=2007&pageid=3223 lesson “Quest for Truth”):

“If studying and learning God’s word is not a priority in the home now, why in the world would you think it would be later?”

If we want our children to have a respect for the truth (and to teach our grandchildren) then we must instill the study habits with them today. KIds, you need to spend some time every day reading God’s word to build up your knowledge and give you the tools for making good decisions.

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