Respecting Other People’s Things

Fred was spending the day at Ginny’s house. Fred was rolling toy cars down Ginny’s long hallway. He began to make the cars go faster though they slammed hard against the wall. Fred did not worry about hurting the wall or the cars because they did not belong to him. Ginny was sad because the cars were a special gift from her father and the marks on the wall were ugly.

Do you think Ginny would invite Fred to her house again? Why or why not?

How do you feel when people are rough with your things? How should you take care of other people’s things?


Jacob had a new watch and he was eager to show it to people at church.  Jacob’s Bible class teacher was talking to another adult member  when Jacob came in between them and said, “Look at my new watch” and began to talk about it.

  • Do you think Jacob was being rude?  Why or why not?
  • Was it wrong for Jacob to show people his new watch?
  • What should Jacob have done if he wanted to show his teacher the watch?
  • Was Jacob showing respect to those who are older?  Explain.

Pressure to be Baptized

The church where you attend is having a gospel meeting. The preacher is very interesting and his message is motivating many people to serve God.

Neither you nor any of your friends in your Bible class have been baptized. On Thursday of the meeting, one of your classmates is baptized. On Friday, two other classmates go to the front of the church building to be baptized.

Though you love God, you do not feel that you are ready to become a Christian but your two good friends are baptized and there are only a couple of people in class who have not been baptized.

What should you do?

Praying Out Loud

Junior is a very conscientious person. He tries to obey God’s word and prays to God often. It is his habit to pray to God for the food before his meal.

One day, he read in the Bible that Jesus did not like those who prayed loud in public so they could bring attention to themselves, Matthew 6:5-6. He could see how someone could use something so precious as prayer to make himself look good before others.

On Sunday after church, the family went to a restaurant and Junior’s father wanted to say a prayer before they had their meal. Junior was not sure if this was right to do?

What do you think?  Discuss it with your parents and see what they think.

What Do You Think He Should Do?

Playing in Church

Rhoda has several good friends at church. She enjoys going to class with them and spending time with them outside of the services.

However, one thing has been bothering her. When they are in the worship service they usually sit on their own pew. Often, her friends will point to other people in the church, whisper a joke, and giggle. They will whisper the joke down the line so that all know it. They may giggle at the song leader for leading the song too high or low, or something said in the prayer.

During the sermon, her friends will often write notes to one another, draw pictures, and whisper. She does not think it is proper behavior when they are supposed to be worshipping God. What should she do?

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