Play Ball! Or Not?

You are in a tough situation.  You play baseball and are one of the star players on the team.  Your team has done so well that you may be able to go to the playoffs.  You have one game left and it is against your main rivals.  The winner of the game will get to go to the playoffs.  Unfortunately, the game is on Wednesday night.  You know you should not miss church services but the coach tells you this is an important game and the team is depending on you.  He reminds you that everyone has worked so hard this season to have the opportunity to go to the playoffs.  “After all,” he says, “what will missing just one service hurt?”

  1. If you did not go, what would you tell your coach?
  2. If you did not go, what would you tell your team?

Painful Words

Jill went to her grandparent’s house. Her grandmother spent a long time in the kitchen making a special dinner for the family. When Jill’s came to the table she said, “I don’t like that. It looks yucky.”

  • How do you think Jill’s comment made her grandmother feel?
  • How could Jill have handled things better?
  • Is it o.k. to do this to your mom or dad?
  • Discuss this with your parents to see what they think.

Not The Right Gift?

The whole month of December you were hoping to get an Xbox for Christmas. When you woke up in the morning you got many great presents including toys that you know you will enjoy. However, you did not get the Xbox. What do you think is the best way to act? Is it ungrateful to look down on what you did get when you did not get one thing you wanted? Why?

Later that day you found out one of your friends down the road got an Xbox and some great games. What do you think would be the best way to act? How would you want your friend to act if you got the Xbox and he did not?


Jill was invited by her friends to a pool party of just the girls.  These friends from her junior high school often went to Jen’s house since she had a private pool with a big fence.  The girls would swim, talk, and listen to the radio.

After about an hour, Jen said that some of the boys from school wanted to come over and swim with them.  Jen said it would be great.  Jill did not feel comfortable with this.  She did not feel her clothes would be appropriate if the boys were present.  None of the other girls seemed to have a problem with the boys coming.  If she said something, they might think she was weird.

What Do You Think She Should Do?


You are on a sports team with some friends. One of the players, Ron, is not as good as some of the other players and sometimes makes mistakes that hurt the team. He has not been playing the sport long but tries hard and wants to win but has much to learn.

In today’s game, Ron was in a position to make a play in a close game that would win for your team but he made a mistake and your team went on to lose.

Some of your friends were calling him names and blaming the loss on him. Ron is not a close friend but you know he did not mean to make the mistake. What should you do?