Class Book: Sing With Understanding

I wrote this class book to explore the Biblical principles behind the songs we sing. I love learning the stories behind the spiritual songs we sing in books such as*:

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For some information on enriching your public singing in worship I’d suggest visiting the  Get Them Singing website.

This class book focuses on the major Bible themes of our songs allowing for discussion of both the Bible teaching and reading the words of popular hymns to explore the meaning described in poetic terms. I list suggested familiar hymns for each lesson and some questions reference particular hymns.

Sing With Understanding CoverIt is a 13 lesson series which fits well into most Bible class schedules. There is plenty material to discuss the topics in two class periods per week. I have often taught the Biblical principles in the Sunday class and explored the words of selected hymns in a mid-week Bible class. It would also be suitable for a small group study.

The book contains only questions which will require the teacher to develop the material to suit the class. I have taught it in adult and high school classes.

You may freely copy this book for your classes. It is 16 pages so it will not cost much to print. You may want to print the cover page separately then print pages 2-16 duplex to save paper.

Download Sing with Understanding.

Lesson Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Eternal God Our Creator
  3. God Our Protector
  4. God Our Shepherd and Guide
  5. Resurrection and Judgment
  6. Crucifixion
  7. Grace and Salvation
  8. Battle Songs and Victory
  9. Kingdom of God
  10. Evangelism
  11. Brotherly Love and Unity
  12. Christian Living
  13. Heaven
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