What Can Young People Do To Grow Spiritually?

Do Your Bible Lesson

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure your Bible class lesson is done.

You might wonder who cares if your lesson is done or not. Well, your teacher cares! Students who have done their lessons tend to have better comments and questions than those who did nothing to prepare for the class. You are able to learn more about the Bible story and add to the knowledge you gained from your home study.

When you do your lesson its shows that you care about God’s word and learning how to please Him.  God’s word is able to help us with so many things in life. However, if you do not know  the Bible, it cannot help you at all.

Be sure to prepare your lesson at least a day before class so you can have time to think about what you studied.  Maybe you can study it with your parents.

Nightly Devotional

In Psalm 63:6, David said that he thought about God when he went to sleep.  We should begin and end each day thinking about God.

A good way to think about God before going to bed is to meet as a family and study the Bible.  The lesson does not have to be long, five or ten minutes is usually good. Spend time discussing a story or passage from the Bible.  Study the life of Jesus or study through the whole Bible.

Our family used to study one story the whole week.  At the end of the week, the older children could tell the story. You might want to sing a song like the “Books of the Bible” or the Apostles. Conclude this special period with prayers to God.  In our family each of the children says their prayers out loud.

This is a special way to close the day as a family.  Ask your family to study with you before bedtime.

Author: Rhodes Davis

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