Book Review: Hoof Prints to HIS Prints: Where the Woods Meet the Word

Hoof Prints to HIS Prints: Where the Woods Meet the WordHoof Prints to HIS Prints: Where the Woods Meet the Word by Jeff May

As a non-hunter, I was surprised at how much Jeff drew me in with vivid descriptions of hunting trips and seamlessly related experiences to important spiritual truths. I have known Jeff and long respected the depth of his love for God, the passion in his preaching, his faithful living, and engaging storytelling ability. I bought this book as a gift to a Christian hunter who could use some encouragement and I trusted Jeff’s ability to relate to him through this world they share.

Jeff had me in the tree stand, walking on chilly quiet mornings, and seeing the majestic beauty of bobcats and whitetail deer. Most of my male friends are hunters and I don’t object to hunting but devote my time to other interests. I appreciate their love of nature, the hunt, respect for the food they harvest with the gun, and enjoy hearing stories behind the trophies. Like Agrippa to Paul, Jeff “almost persuades me to be a hunter” and I have several friends ready to bring me into the brotherhood should I change my mind. The stories will resonate even more with experienced hunters as Jeff takes them into a world in which they love.

The power in the book is in the spiritual applications from the stories. Jeff clearly and frankly discusses issues from worship, godly service, living through struggles, prayer, pornography, suffering loss, salvation, and the joys of heaven. He shares stories and lessons about a man’s role as a husband, father, son, friend, Christian, and citizen. I know his son and can tell you that he reflects the faith of his earthly and heavenly father, and it is obvious Jeff is devoted to his wife and she loves him dearly. I’ve heard Jeff teach often and he draws from the depths of God’s word but presents the truth in its beauty and simplicity. Like his hunting arrows, he has the focus to know how to pierce the heart with the truth.

This book is perfect for strong Christian hunters as it may give words to meditative thoughts they experience in the woods. For hunters who may not be strong in their faith, like Jesus’s parables it provides a bridge from something they know to important spiritual concepts. I think even non-Christians hunters would enjoy the book as it presents truth without flinching but respectfully and the the language of hunter to hunter might push through barriers to considering God. And, as I have found, even a non-hunter can enjoy the stories and learn important truths along the way.

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Author: Rhodes Davis

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