Innocence by Keith Stonehart

I woke up one day and I wasn’t as young as I used to be…My youth had gone to my children and years of poor choices and bad habits had taken their toll on my body… Looking into my own eyes I see what is left of what used to be young and beautiful. I had changed….but I am better for it.

We don’t realize what we have when we are young and it’s only in losing it – that we are ever able to dig down deep and truly find ourselves…When we lose our youth , we lose our looks…this is hard for most of us… but we also lose our arrogance , our ignorance and immaturity – and we are better for it.

My only regret is not coming to know God sooner…Only in knowing God can you ever really know yourself , and in breaking my own heart – I found him , although it wasn’t him who was lost… And I am better for it.

The trade offs have been well worth the trip so far , although the cost has been high at times.. Clearly getting “Better” comes with a price. But what I wouldn’t give for to have back my Innocence… …Have a great day people.. 😉

A guest post by Keith Stonehart from his blog Keith Stonehart is Dead

Categories: Christian Living, Knowing God

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