The Life of the Unfaithful is Hard

“Good understanding gains favor,
but the way of the unfaithful is hard.”Proverbs 13:15

If you seek wisdom from God’s word, it will help you to live a good life. You will find favor with God and live a wise life.

If you refuse to seek wisdom from God’s word, you will not only suffer eternal punishment if you will not repent, you make your life difficult while living on the earth.

In movies, television shows, and computer games, it seems that you can do all kinds of things that God forbids and nothing will happen to you.

What you see on the TV and movies is not real. Every sin will bring problems for you. Sometimes the problems are not seen. You may feel bad about what you did or shame for your actions. Sometimes people feel bad for a long time about the “fun” they had.
Some people say that the life of a Christian is hard since a person must avoid things that many people do and be careful about his behavior. The person who wants to please God must work and be careful to do what God commands. It is sometimes hard to do the right thing when your friends are doing what is wrong. If you do the right thing, you will feel happier and know that you have chosen the better way. True happiness comes by obeying God.

The devil’s fun is a cheap replacement for the true joy that comes by loving and obeying God.

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