Profit in Hard Work

“In all labor there is profit, But idle chatter leads only to poverty.” Proverbs 14:23

In all work you do, whether it is a job or your schoolwork, there is some profit as a result of the work. The profit might be money or a good grade. The great profit is the joy of doing a job well and things that you learn that can help you in other work.

Some people do not like to work and they avoid it or do not do their work well. They are only hurting themselves because life is full of work that we must do well. It is best to learn now to do your best in all of your work.

If you parents tell you to clean your room, do your best and they may think you are acting responsible. Have pride in work that has been done well and you will want to do many things well.

Idle chatter, a lot of talk about nothing, does not pay anything. In fact, some people who talk when they should be working lose their jobs. If you are too busy talking about nothing when you should be doing homework, you will get poor grades which may cause problems in the future.

When it is time to work, work your hardest and do your best. When it is time to play, enjoy yourself and relax. Don’t play when you should be working.

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