It’s Just A Little Money

One day while walking through a store you see a toy that you have been wanting for a long time but you do not have enough money to buy it.  Later that night you see your dad’s wallet laying on a table.  Inside is $20, more than enough to buy that toy.  You think to yourself, “Dad has a lot of money, he won’t miss it.”

  • Would it be right to take the money?  Why or why not?
  • How would you feel if someone stole something of yours?
  • Read: Ephesians 4:28 and Romans 13:9 

Author: Rhodes Davis

My passion is analyzing information, exploring ideas, lifelong learning and sharing knowledge with others. I have a wide range of interests and am not easily bored so I approach unfamiliar and diverse subjects with great zeal. I am a business nerd, fascinated by what can be accomplished through innovative companies and people who want to change the world. My faith is very important and I enjoy opportunities to share my observations and study insights through teaching and writing. I follow the simple teachings of Jesus and try to reflect His glory in my life. I work with young people on applying the teachings of Jesus to their unique challenges and opportunities. "Curiosity keeps taking us down new paths." - Walt Disney

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