God’s Voice

This is a guest post by my son Rody. He is a student of music and sound technology and is training to do such work professionally. It is interesting to hear expert observations on certain scriptures. For examples, doctors have enlightened us on the physical aspects of the crucifixion and military logistics experts have provided insight on the challenges of moving and feeding the Israelite nation through the wilderness. In this post, Rody provides some physical sound science insight about the voice of God when he spoke to the nation of Israel at Sinai. 

I have done a lot theorizing about what God would have sounded like. Coming from a musical and sound engineering and Christian perceptive I took into consideration a couple of attributes: One it was very frightening, reach a large audience, and as with everything about God it had to be perfect.

To be frightening it would have to be powerful and very different, but still familiar enough, to the human voice. So to do that His voice would register and the lowest note conceivable/possible and then would also resonate with every overtone to the highest note possible. When we speak words and notes we have an initial note and a couple of overtone notes to fill it out, but the higher they are the more they drop off. With His voice there would be no dropping off but instead be the same volume across the spectrum. This in turn would also project too an audience of any size described in the Bible. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overtone

The problem with sound coming from the human voice is that it is not perfect in the creation of the notes. In standing waves there are certain notes that have a perfect symmetrical shapes and everything about the note could not be perfected anymore. With His voice he would only speak in these standing waves or a combination of them. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/the-fringe-audiophiles-who-want-to-topple-standard-tuning

Digitally generated stormy landscape with lightning boltWith the combination of these two things it would be perfect musically as well as physically. His voice would be very frightening enough to make them tremble, but could still be familiar enough to be understood in their language. I also have an idea of how the sound was created on earth through physical objects of his creations. The sound could not be created out of thin air.. or could it? The sound could be created through lightning. When lightning travels throughout the air as plasma it superheats the air which causes a noise (usually thunder). Many times when God spoke out from heaven (as opposed to visions or dreams) there is often a mention of fire or thunder. Which, in this theory, superheated air is needed to create this type of sound. Deut 5:22-23

This would all keep His voice perfect though the things He created and the laws He set in motion. It something that is very intriguing to think about. Please tell me what you think!


Author: Rhodes Davis

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