You Are Loved At Home

The final thing that young people leaving home should remember, is that they have people at home who will always love them and rejoice when they return. You are blessed if that is your physical family but it may be that such a family is made up of friends and brethren.

When you are away from home be sure to maintain contact. Send emails, texts, letters, or other messages to let them know you love them and care about them. It may be tough as your schedule becomes busy but always make time to communicate with those you love.

When you get tired, sad, or confused they can be a source of strength and guidance. Sometimes home is just a great place to rest and reflect. When you return you will be different. You will be more independent and mature and so expect that sometimes there may be some conflict or discomfort but this is usually temporary and, if you communicate with those at home, you can work through any difficulties.

This blessed experience looks forward to a heavenly home where God will welcome His faithful children to live with Him forever. Live so that you enjoy the blessings of God on this earth and the joys of His eternal home.

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