Monster by Keith Stonehart

I want to be positive.. I really do. I try each day to make it my focus.. There is already SO much negativity that surrounds us and begs for our cultivation…It begs to be validated and justified..I don’t want to feed it..but it calls for me… It calls me by name.

Negativity is a monster that preys on the light in us ..It preys on the good in us , and the purity in us..devouring all that we are CAPABLE of being and leaves us with what we are in danger of BECOMING – vacant and jaded soul-less shells  of what used to be full of grace and beauty  , and are now just full of spite and ugliness…

It and its hunger is INSATIABLE…and it calls me by name – DAILY.

But I resist… We all MUST resist.

There are a great many things that have recently occurred within our culture that have brought this monster out in FORCE.. Religion , Politics , Celebrity Tragedy etc.. All these are delivered  right into our homes by a biased media with agendas on BOTH sides ,and we welcome the monster in with open arms…


CNN doesn’t have the answers. Nor does Fox News , nor HLN or MCNBC. They feed us what they want us to eat and you choose which one based on your appetite..The truth  is , Conservative and Liberal agenda’s have muddied the waters of RIGHT and WRONG. They have made  it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to tell the difference by turning the clear water of TRUTH into stale gray waters of DOUBT, leaving  it up to how you “feel” about something to decide if its right or if its wrong by casting aside the ONLY real standard of truth – God and HIS words.

If we keep feeding this Monster of negativity,the very freedom that makes this country great , will also be our undoing…

1 Peter 5:8 says  “Be sober-minded; be WATCHFUL. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to DEVOUR… If you have ever seen a Lion hunt ,it doesn’t charge full speed ahead to attack -it creeps.. Quietly ,slowly and cautiously it methodically  sneaks up on its prey until he has it perfectly positioned making escape impossible f.. Then it POUNCES with unbridled aggression and sheer ferocity, utterly and completely devouring  it’s prey ..

The Lion is upon us people.. what are you prepared to do?

Should we listen to Men with corrupt agendas ? OR – do we listen to God? I say with all sincerity – Don’t listen to me either if you think I’m wrong!!!  Read the bible for YOURSELF..Don’t take my word for it , take HIS.

Negativity is the enemy’s strongest tool because it doesn’t bring attack from the outside , it brings it from within.. Don’t give him another moment of your life ..He wants you and calls for you by name , as he does the rest of us..

Whom will YOU listen to? Whom will YOU obey? Whom will YOU serve…?

“As for me and my house , we will serve THE LORD”– Joshua 24:15

The invitation to study the bible is still open…   😉

Read Mathew 6:24 ,Acts 6:27-32 and Joshua 24:15

GUEST POST from the blog Keith Stonehart is Dead. This is an excellent blog by my friend Keith that contains powerful messages of transformation and living holy in a wicked world.

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