5 Reasons I Don’t Get Freaked Out During an Election Year

  1. God rules in the affairs of men. I vote. God decides.
  2. My citizenship is in heaven. I’m sojourning through this world of kingdoms that rise and fall like the tides towards a city that has foundations whose builder and maker is God.
  3. Our founding fathers gave us a country with a balance of powers so no one person can destroy this country in a few years–it has to be a group effort.
  4. I’d rather spend an hour in prayer or study than the same hour listening to biased talk radio or learning the tip of the iceberg of hundreds of issues that pass like fads. I was a political junkie and news addict for years but it didn’t change anything. I stay informed but not obsessed.
  5. Legislation can criminalize behaviors but not create morality. I’ve witnessed the ability of the gospel to make a holy man out of a wretched sinner and change the immoral into modest, responsible, righteous individuals. Reform begins within.

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