Alabama Florida College Winter Camp 2011 Presentations

We had a very uplifting time this winter discussing important subjects challenging our spiritual growth. Below are the outlines and presentations from this special period of study:

Christian and Finances by Charlie Nowlin, Sr.  Lesson Text (PowerPoint Presentation)

An excellent lesson by a Christian and the CEO of a large corporation on managing our finances in a way that lead to security, contentment, generosity, and peace within the home. The earlier you learn and apply these lessons in life, the better.

Avoiding Laziness and Non-Productive Habits by Rusty Green Lesson Text (PowerPoint Presentation)

An important lesson for making the best use of our time. Although there is no problem with occasionally spending time on non-productive activities, and it may be very beneficial at times, we will enjoy a greater quality of life and usefulness in God’s kingdom by using our time productively.

Godliness by Rhodes Davis Lesson Text

My lesson on living a life directed towards God and the manifestation of His glory in our lives as we draw closer to Him.

Lasciviousness, Modest Clothing, and Dancing by David Hartsell  Lesson Text (Presentation 1:Lasciviousness Presentation Presentation 2: Modesty and Dancing Presentation)

A much needed lesson on controlling the power of lust in our lives. Practical considerations for young men and women on how they dress and act. The presentations are very detailed with a lot of scriptural references to aid your study.

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