Big Picture of the Bible

Do you realize that the Bible is one complete story? I regularly attended Bible classes and worship growing up but this fact didn’t truly dawn on me until I was in college. I knew that all the stories related to one another, but the connection from beginning to end didn’t become clear until I was studying the Bible as a complete story. When you see the complete story it helps you understand and appreciate so much of what God has done for us.

My friend, Ken Craig, has written a book called The Big Picture of the Bible that tells the great story of salvation as it is presented through the scriptures. It is a short but powerful book and will probably introduce some things you didn’t realize or connect between the old and new testaments or symbolism that is often overlooked. The book is available from DeWard Publishing.

He has given this presentation in many places in the world. To see the material in three videos, click here. You will learn something and you will be encouraged.

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