Your Sin Will Find You Out

“Your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32:23

Sometimes children will act right when their parents are around but misbehave when they leave. Some students only behave when the teacher is in the room.

Though the parent or the teacher may not see all the wrong things done, God always sees and knows who is obeying Him.

However, often the people that these children and students try to fool know of their misbehavior. Someone might tell the teacher about the person’s wrongdoing. The person may say or do something that lets the teacher or parent know that they did wrong. If we do wrong, we may think no one knows may be wrong.

The passage in Numbers warns that a person’s sins will find him out. Though he may try to escape from them and wish that he did not sin, God knows and will punish the wrongdoer. Instead of being stubborn and trying to hide our sin, we need to tell God that we know we did wrong and ask Him to forgive us.

Even when God forgives us we may still have to suffer a penalty for our sin. A person who steals may feel sorry and return what is stolen but may also have to be punished for stealing. A person who hits someone but says he is sorry may still have to be punished for hitting the other person.

We will not always do the right thing but when we sin, we need to ask God’s forgiveness because we cannot escape our sin.

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