Sometimes I Don’t Understand

As a young person I know you often have many questions.  Sometimes your parents may roll their eyes when you ask questions.  But it is important to learn about your world and
especially about God and His word.

Sometimes we have questions that we have a hard time answering.  Adults will often do things that you do not understand.  You may ask why they are doing what they are doing only to hear, “When you are older you will understand.”  There are many things that you will not understand until you get older and have many more experiences, learn more about God’s word, learn more about people, and learn how to see things as other people see them.  Be patient with yourself.  Also, be patient with the adults.  Sometimes they are wrong but often they know things that you do not know in making their decisions.

Sometimes things happen in our lives that we do not understand.  When a loved one dies we often ask, “Why did they have to die?”  Death is such a mystery.  We may not understand why a person that we loved died but we can trust that God is taking care of them.  I know this myself because my Dad died when I was five years old.  I often wondered why he had to die while I was so young.  I wondered why he could not be with me every day.

I realized that the Devil brought death into the world with sin.  I also realized that God did not take away my father; he died because all people will die sooner or later.  I also realized that in heaven no one will die, suffer, or be sad any more.  Though I understood these things, I would still get sad when I thought about how much I missed my father.  But I am happy that I have some thoughts of him and pictures to remember.  When I keep him in my heart, he never really goes away.

Sometimes I do not understand what is going to happen to me.  When I was in school I wondered what I would do when I grew up.  I would also wonder what would happen with my family and friends.  Of course, we never will know what is going to happen but we can trust that God is in control and that even when we don’t understand why things are happening that God understands and is taking care of things.  We must realize that He can make all things work for our best if we trust and obey Him.

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