Obeying God by Obeying the Law

Did you know that when you are obeying the law of the United States and the state in which you live, you are also obeying God? Paul told the Romans that God gave government authorities their power. During Paul’s time the government required the people to worship their leader as a god. Although the Christians would not do that, even this bad government served God’s purposes. People had to serve Him even if it meant they might be put in jail or killed for worshipping Him. God eventually destroyed that government, punishing it for treating His people badly.

You may have heard about the war in Iraq and other places. Always remember that “the Most High rules in the kingdoms of men,” Daniel 4:25. We must have no fear since God is in control. Even if our government were to tell us we could not worship God, we would still have to obey God, Acts 5:29. Let us be thankful that our country allows us to worship God without fear of people trying to stop us.

Though governments change and fight wars in different places, always remember that God is in control. Every government exists by His power and He will punish the ones that are mean to His people.

Obey the law because you are also obeying God.

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