Let It Run Through

Author Unknown

In a discussion with his father, the son said, “Dad, I read the Bible often and memorize verses in Sunday School, but they never stick with me. I can’t remember them more than a few weeks. So I guess it doesn’t do me any good.”

The father responded, “Son, get that wicker wastepaper basket, take it to the kitchen, and fill it up with water.”  The boy obeyed, but he discovered that the water ran out as fast as it ran in. Finally, he took the basket back to his father.

“I can’t get any water to stay in,” said the boy. “You’re right,” said the Father. The basket cannot hold all the water, and your mind cannot hold all the verses you have memorized. But notice how much cleaner and fresher and brighter the basket is now that you’ve run the water through. That is what happens when all the verses of the Bible go through your mind. They may not stay there long enough for you to remember, but the more they pass through your memory, the cleaner, the brighter, the fresher your mind will be.

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