How The Mighty Have Fallen

When King Saul and Jonathan, his son, were killed in a battle with the Philistines, David sang a sad song.  In 1 Samuel 1:19, he said:“how the mighty have fallen.”  King Saul, who was one time so powerful and was the king of God’s  people, lay dead on the battlefield.

David had many reasons to be sad about Saul’s death.  When God told Samuel to make Saul king, Saul was very humble.  He obeyed God and it seemed he would be a good king.  However, when God told Saul to attack and kill all of the Amelekites, a wicked nation that did not obey God and were mean to God’s people, Saul did not keep the commands completely.  He did most of what God said to do, but he did not do everything.  So Samuel told Saul that God was going to make someone else king.

When King Saul realized that David would be king, he became jealous.  The king tried to kill David several times so David had to run away from his home and his friends.  King Saul also quit serving God.  Even though he did this, David was sad when Saul died because he was the king of Israel and at one time obeyed God.

Sometimes Christians that we admire quit serving God or don’t serve Him the way that they should.  It may be a parent, a preacher, your Bible class teacher, or someone else you admire.  It is sad when they quit serving God but we must continue to be faithful to God even when they quit.

We need to encourage that person to do what is right and pray for them to change.  David tried to teach King Saul but Saul would not listen.  However, some people will listen and will return to the Lord.  Even if they don’t change, you keep serving God.  Don’t give up!

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