Do Not Be Ruled By Things

If you go to a mall you will see many stores with lots of wonderful things. There are clothes that it seems everyone is wearing and shoes that the “popular” people wear. Sadly, many people choose their friends based on what they own instead of who they are.

Some people feel bad because they do not wear clothes that everyone else is wearing. Some feel bad because they do not have the latest video game that everyone is talking about or the newest toy.

It is sad when people consider themselves good or bad based on the things they own. It is sadder to see people who will not be friends with someone—or even make fun of someone—who does not have the clothes or own things that the “popular” crowd has.

This attention to things can make us forget about things that really matter. It does not matter what clothes you wear or what things you own, you are important because there is only one you. Anyone who does not want to be your friend because you do not look like them, dress like them, or have the things they have is not a friend worth having.

This focus on things is called covetousness. When one is covetous, he wants what he does not have, is not happy with what he does own, and thinks about things too much. Galatians 3:5 says that covetousness is idolatry. If a person is so focused on things, they become like a god to him. He cares more about things than he cares about God. Instead of God determining what is important in his life, he thinks things are more important.

Around birthdays and holidays it is easy to get excited about what gifts you might receive. Some people want lots and lots of things but, after they have had the gifts for a while, start wanting more and more things. It is not wrong to have nice things and gifts but do not make them the most important thing in your life.

Your relationship with God and other people should be more important than things. Do not choose your friends based on what they have but on who they are. Some of the worst people have many things. Some of the best people have few things. Be content: be happy with what you have. 1 Timothy 6:6-10 warns us that the desire to own many things may lead us away from God.

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