Disappointment When Parents Let You Down

All of us have had some disappointment in life. Perhaps someone made a promise to us that we would do something extra special but, before we could go, it started raining, we got sick, the person who was going to do something for us got sick, or something else prevented us from doing that special thing. We may have cried or just have been sad. Either way, we felt disappointment.

There will be many times in our lives that we will have great joy but we will also have disap-pointments. Even as an adult, I make plans to do things with my family or friends only to be disappointed because our plans did not work out.

Parents sometimes want to do special things for their children but the plans do not work out. As a parent, I am as excited as my children about a trip to someplace special or some other activity that will allow us to spend fun time together.

Sometimes unexpected bills means that we do not have the money to do what we planned when we planned to do it. We do not want to get in trouble with the people to whom we owe money so we have to change our plans to do the special thing when we have more money.

Sometimes a parent has to do something at work, likely caused by some emergency, that requires them to change the plans. It is not that they want to be a work instead of being with you, but sometimes a parent has to fix the problem at work in order to make sure they have a job. The parent would rather be doing something special, but they know they will have to plan it for later.

As young people, you can be understanding when your parents have to change their plans. They want to spend time with you and do special things for you but sometimes things do not go as planned. Remember, even as adults, they are disappointed when things do not work out. Give them a hug, try to understand, and help them plan the time when you can have that special time together.

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