Becoming the Right Person

Many times when people think of a child of God, they think of what a person can and cannot do. For example, children of God should not use filthy language, tell lies, or do other bad things.

God did not make rules without reason. We must not think that He just wants to see if we will do the things that He commands and avoid the things that He forbids. God’s rules will help us to become the right kind of people. Every day, through the choices we make, we are becoming more like Jesus or more like the devil.

For example, when we lie, we become more like the devil because he is the father of lies. When we tell the truth, we are more like Jesus because He tells the truth and is truth.

Those who use bad language and tell dirty jokes become like the devil because they are breaking God’s commands (Colossians 3:8; Ephesians 5:4). They are using their tongues to dishonor God. Those who speak good, clean, and pure things become more like Jesus because their words build people up and honor God.

When your parents, Bible class teachers, or other godly adults try to teach you right things to do, remember that they are not telling you these things just to make you obey them or make themselves feel important, they are trying to help you become the right kind of person. They are trying to help you become like Jesus.

Decide today that you want to be like Jesus. Study your Bible and listen to your parents, teachers, and preacher as they tell you how God’s children should act.

In prayer, ask God to help you become more like Jesus and to have the courage to be like Jesus when other people are pressuring you to be like the devil.

Finally, spend time with people who want to be like Jesus so you can encourage one another to do what is right.

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