Where Do Your Decisions Take You?

Do you realize your decisions are the steps on a road that will ultimately lead you closer to God or away from Him? Sometimes we focus on whether a decision is right or wrong instead of looking at the bigger picture: what kind of person am I becoming as a result of my decision? C. S. Lewis wrote that, as a result of our choices, we are becoming more heavenly or hellish creatures.

If you talk with someone who “experimented” with sin and became entangled in it, they can often trace a series of decisions that led them to their sad condition. Likewise, some who have lived exemplary lives can often point out a series of decisions where they overcame temptation and avoided unnecessary pain and guilt as a result. Many of the decisions that these people faced may have seemed insignificant at the time but they had a major impact on the direction their life went and the blessings or sorrows that they brought upon themselves.

Thankfully, we can turn back from sin and pursue good decisions that will make us more heavenly creatures. However, the longer we live wicked lives the harder it is to overcome the bad habits learned and the lifestyle to which we have grown accustomed. However, our God is a powerful, loving, and merciful God and can provide strength and comfort when we strive to return to Him.

Young people, start making the good decisions now (Eccl 11 and 12) so you will become more like Christ and avoid the bitterness of guilt and sorrow that a life of sin brings.

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