Reclaiming Time – Changes in Godly Youth

I want to thank all visitors for Godly Youth over the years. This has been a work of love that started as a newsletter for kids who attended church with me and for my very young relatives. WordPress has allowed me to expand the audience for these thoughts worldwide and I have been humbled by the comments I receive on its impact in certain people’s lives.

My only goal for this blog was to share some thoughts from my study of God’s word that would help young people and the young at heart. I have never claimed infallibility. I simply write about the things important to me that I think will be useful for others based on what I have studied. I am sure that I will disagree with myself on some of these topics at some future point as I am always studying and growing. I am quite sure that many of my readers will disagree with things I have posted as I disagree with some things I read on other blogs. I think it is a good practice to read things with which you disagree so you can get another point of view and refine your own understanding of God’s word.

Over the years I have tried to grow the audience through “common blogging wisdom” of the Internet sages. For a brief time I tried blogging every day. I felt the posts were weak and the work was time intensive. I’ve done some other things with varying levels of success. I then came back to what was important: letting the blog serve my objectives and not becoming a slave to the blog. I have a very good traffic flow for which I am happy. However, I am not going to be enslaved to growth and traffic. I am going to simply post articles when I wish (though it may be every day or weeks separating posts) but try to make them more substantive. I am going to add more study materials to help people in their studies. And, of course, post articles to encourage the young to live faithfully.

A few weeks ago I made a decision to make some drastic changes to the blog:

  1. I am terminating the Godly Youth twitter account. I will still post links to my personal Twitter account @rhodesdavis and you can follow me from links on this blog. I also have a Godly Youth Facebook page where I post links.
  2. I am turning off the comment feature and hiding prior comments. Turning off the prior comments will clean up the appearance of the site and minimize confusion that a new visitor might have when they see comments but cannot comment. I have received some good feedback over the years and had some good conversations. I get a lot of spam that must be managed (even though WordPress suppresses a lot of it) and it takes up a lot of my time. I remember Leo Babauta doing this on his blog and his sentiments parallel with mine. Perhaps when life slows down I might change this but I need to focus more on the creation process. If you agree or disagree with what I have written feel free to link the article and praise or slay away. That is the beauty of the Internet–you can point to something I have written and write a detailed description of what an idiot you think I am. That’s fine with me. You can comment on the Godly Youth Facebook page as well. With the Internet, there are many ways you can respond or expound on your view–it’s beautiful.
  3. Write when it improves the silence. As mentioned above, I am only going to post when I feel I have something useful to contribute or want to speak about something important to me. I’m not going to try to find things to write about or adhere to a strict posting schedule. This may mean a big gap between posts but I hope when they arrive, they are useful to you.
  4. Consolidate posts. I am going to consolidate some of the earlier posts into more useful concise posts or more useful formats. This should improve searching and the usefulness of some of the earlier writings.

Again, I want to thank you those who visit and follow the blog and I hope these changes help me provide more useful and thought provoking content in the future. In addition, I have some other projects in the works that I hope to announce by the Fall that will provide some focused attention to spiritual development. Of course, it will be announced here.

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