Amazing Joseph

This month we have been studying Joseph in our Bible class at church. He was a facinating man. Even in his youth he apparently did not lose his trust in God even through he was almost killed by his brothers but then sold to foreigners to be a slave, sent to prison on false charges, forgotten by a released prisoner that he helped, and lived in a land full of idolatry. Joseph did not understand how God could make all of these things work out for the good but, later in life, he realized that God was preserving his family, and ultimately fulfilling his promises to Abraham, through this series of unfortunate events.

When you are faced with troubles or it seems like life is not going the way you think it should, remember Joseph. Remember that God “will make all things work together for good” for those that love Him. We do not have to know what He is doing; we can have confidence that He is doing something and it is intended to make us better. He does not forget His children.

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